126-film for you Instamatic camera?

Did you think your 126-camera was obsolete? Well, you can buy the stuff at Frugal Photographer. They also give ideas on where to process. Or even load the 126-film cartridge with 35mm film.

5 Responses in “126-film for you Instamatic camera?”

  1. Richard Nuttall says:

    Interesting I see they have 120 b+w very cheap as well good tip, looks like a good place.

  2. Mattias says:

    Never used them actually, but it’s the only place I’ve seen 126-film :)

  3. Richard Nuttall says:

    No me neither but I do own a Russian Lubitel 166b that takes 120 film so it might be worth a go to try it, still havent dared to try actual film yet

  4. Julia Armendarez says:

    Where can I buy film for a Kodak InstaMatic Camera. I think it is Kodak 600.

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