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RetroCamera is a site about old cameras and lenses. It started out as a swedish site at Retrofoto.se, but since the interest is bigger on an international level I started this version in english.


My name is Mattias Wirf. I run a company called Xoda, based in Sweden. We do webdesign, graphic design, teach courses, sell e-learningtools and also photos and illustrations. Check out our main website, it’s in swedish though.

Mattias Wirf

Mattias Wirf

Way back I started my adult life studying arts. Since then (I’m now 33 years old) I’ve worked with images, design, colour and shape in one way or another.

I’m married to Sara, who is also my businesspartner, and we have a little daughter born in 2007. I collect old cameras and lenses because I think they are often simple, good quality and beautiful! My other interests is art, classic music and opera, history, culture, nature. I believe in freedom, democracy, opensource software, humanism and equal rights for everybody.

Hire me

I am a webdeveloper and illustrator – if you like what you see you can hire me. My company Xoda is based in Sweden, but virtual products are not limited by the country boundries. My skills:

  • Webdesign with XHTML and CSS
  • PHP and MySQL
  • WordPress, phpBB, Zencart and other opensource applications
  • Photography, drawing, painting (I have education from artschool)
  • E-learning (long experience with e-learning courses for swedish schoolsystem)

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