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The first flowers of spring with Tele-Tokina and Takumar

The first flower of spring in Sweden, shot with Tokyo Koki Tele-Tokina 105mm/2.8 and one of my Takumar-lenses (cant remember which I used, could have been SMC 50mm/1.4).




Garden roses with Preset Takumar 135mm

Opportunities to photography can be close, like with these garden roses shot with my old nice preset Takumar 135mm lens. Late one day in sunset I wanted to use the light with the old lens.

Henry Hudson Rose

Rose hip

Wood anemones and sun with Yashica ML 35mm/2.8

The Yashica ML 35mm/2.8 used from the ground with Wood anemones (Anemone nemorosa) in Swedish spring. Question: what do you think about the flare?

Anemone nemorosa
Anemone nemorosa

Anemone nemorosa with the solid Pentacon 50/1.8

Another Anomone Nemorosa (wood anemone), this time photographed with Pentacon 50mm/1.8 on Canon EOS 350D. A lens I use bicycling when I wnat an allround that can be used for closeups. Wood anemones are everywhere now. With some blue spots of Hepatica nobilis.

Preset Asahi-lens and flowers

Flowers is a nice way to test new lenses, in my opinion. At the moment wood anemone (anemone nemorosa) is everywhere where I live. So I have tested the preset, early lens Asahi Takumar 105mm/2.8 on wood anemone, with an extensionring. Oh, and this also illustrates the hazards with photographing flowers – I put my chin on very nasty ants (myrmicinae) who bites ;)

Early spring flower with preset Takumar lens

So, finally spring is coming here in my part of Sweden. These flowers (Hepatica nobilis, kdineywort, “blĂ„sippa” in swedish) are fighting their way up. This is the first image I like from the early, preset Asahi Takumar 135mm/3.5 I showed my earlier post. Havent had a chance to test it very much yet, but it looks promising.


Another ice… thing

Aother ice… thing. Photographed at the lake, below the ice that covered the lake. Done with the lens Helios 44-3 (58mm/2) on Caon EOS 350D.

Ice thing

Helios bubbles in blue

Today I went on a trip to on of the nearest lakes. The inspiration was not high I have to admit, but some ice stuck on stones at the lakes beach got me interested. Here are a few shot, I got more coming in a few days. The lens was Helios 44-3, the old russian ;)

Rising 1
Rising 2

A day with Tele-Tokina 105mm/2.8

Just before the snowstorm we have here, I took a day with Tele-Tokina 105mm/2.8 (old, rare, dented lens I got for free when I bought a package). I hiked up near my home, to the lake. A short walk through the village and up the hillside. It is a neat, slender lens. Sometimes I have to struggle to make the best use of it. The dark time of year doesn’t make it easier. But sometimes I succeed… I think…

Frozen leafs
First ice The factory
Fallen with morninglight The stairs
Lonely leaf

Wanna see more of this lens? Check out my Flickr-set for Tele-Tokina 105mm/2.8. It looks quit nice doesn’t it?

A day with Yashinon-DX 50mm/1.7

Inspired by A lens a week, I use only one lens each day. Last week I took a small hike with the Auto Yashinon-DX 50mm/1.7. I choose to photograph only fallen leafs in different forms. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Fallen 1
Fallen 2
Fallen 3
Fallen 4
Fallen 5

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