Q: Which M42 adapter should I buy? Can you recommend a supplier?
A: I have no idea. Really. I just bought the first I found and it works fine. Buy in a stor or take a chance on ebay.

Q: I have a Nikon Dxxx , how can a fit a manual lens xxx on it?
A: I know very, very little of Nikon cameras. The one thing I know it’s a bit hard (but not impossible) to use most old manual lenses except for Nikons own. So my advice is to go for old Nikon/Nikkor lenses.

Q: Which film do you prefer?
A: My experience with film is limited, espacially since I got in to financial trouble and couldn’t afford to develop the rolls any more. But I liked Kodak Tri-X.

Q: What is my camera/lens worth?
A: For lenses you can check out the Price guide on MFLenses. Otherwise I recommend you to do some research by looking up similar lenses recently sold on auctions-sites or what people write about them on forums.

Q: Which manual lens do you recommend for a newbi?
A: If your looking for M42 (screwmount) I would recommend to start with some cheap but good quality normal prime like Asahi Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 55mm/1.8 (or any Takumar for that matter).

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