First try with Yashica ML 50mm/f2

Uhh, this one feels sharp! Just took some snapshots yesterday, no masterpieces but interesting to see the characteristics of this lens. Will have to compare with my other 50mm lenses later on.

Tree against clouds

Tree against clouds

Tree gentials

Tree genitals

Berries with bokeh

Berries with bokeh

2 Responses in “First try with Yashica ML 50mm/f2”

  1. Richard Nuttall (Poolhall) says:

    Looks good I have taken some pics with my 50mm F2 but on film,there is no adapter from Yashica to Pentax, So have to wait for the roll to get finished. Great Web site Mattias by the way.

  2. Mattias says:

    Thanks :) Can’t wait to try them some more in my normal conditions, in the hills or woods in a sunrise with fog ;)

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