My photography wishlist

Brian on Epic Edit has made a post about his photography wishlist and challenged the readers to make their own. So here is mine as a post instead of a comment ;)

  1. S-M-C Takumar 300mm/4 or other long tele prime
    I had one but sold it. Would really like to shoot images of birds and wildlife. Actually I would be ok with a modern one here. But I would need…

    Pentax Spotmatic with S-M-C- Takumar 300mm/4
  2. A new tripod
    Hade on but had to sell it :/ Arggh.
  3. A Takumar-version of 85mm/1.8
    Had one but had to sell it. I love the Auto-Takumar 85mm/1.8
    Auto Takumar 85
  4. A good Yashica Electro 35 GSN
    I like the Electro, but the one I own is smashed (by previous owner).
  5. Pentax K20D or Canon EOS 50D
    My EOS 350D is ok… I can live with it. But gosh now it would feel nice to upgrade. I like Pentax but I need to keep using my Contax/Yashica-lenses so I guess Canon is the way to go.
  6. A 120mm-format TLR or SLR
    I have a Agfa Isolette V, but I would really like a Yashica-Mat or Mamiya or something larger and a with a focus of some kind.

    Agfa Isolette V

2 Responses in “My photography wishlist”

  1. Brian Auer says:

    Nice list! I wouldn’t mind having an 85mm for my film cameras too… I’ve only got 50mm and 135mm.

    And definitely spring for a good old TLR — you won’t regret it. My Autocord is quickly becoming one of my favorite cameras.

  2. Mattias says:

    Thanks. Yeah, and they look so cool ;)

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