Share and sync your files with Dropbox

I just wanted to take a moment and give you a little tip on software – and perhaps get a little spcae for freee :) Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them with the service Dropbox.

I use it to keep my most important documents and information available, from work and from home… and from anywhere else… well, almost.

Together with the little software Keepass (KeepassX for OS X/Linux) I generate random passwords ans save them in Dropbox. Keepass stores passwords in an encrypted file, with one master password. Dropbox syncs the file to all my computers. All I need to remember is ONE password, and I can get to the other ones wherever I am (as long as I have a computer or other device).

Client for Windows, OS X, Linux
I use Dropbox client on all platforms I work on, so I can reach my files without problems on both Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7.

You can share folder and documents with other users, or can make a file public and give someone a URL to download a file. A simple way to share documents.

The free space in Dropbox is  2 GB, but you can add more.

What if the service is offline?
Don’t worry, the files are still stored on your computer.

If you want Dropbox, and want to make  it easier for me to work with this site, get Dropbox via this link.

2 Responses in “Share and sync your files with Dropbox”

  1. Max says:

    I love dropbox, but you should know that google launched their equivalent product this week, and you get 5GB of disk space for free. Not client for linux (AFAIK), just APIs, but the macos/win clients work fine.

    • Mattias says:

      Yep. I cant get Google Drive to my account yet though, I’m on the waiting list ;) Ubuntu has a similiar service, but for Linux.

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