First days with Super-Takumar 85mm/1.9

I’ve traded to get the lens Super-Takumar 85mm/1.9. I knew I would like it since it’s earlier version Auto-Takumar 85mm/1.8 was in my posession until this spring and I loved it’s bokeh and sharpness.

This lens is similar in performence but on the outside it looks very different – slimmer, the aperture setting has been moved to the back like the other Super-Takumars. I’ve haven’t really had time to test it but want to share some initial photos with you, so please check out my Flickr-set “Super-Takumar 85mm/1.9″.

One Response in “First days with Super-Takumar 85mm/1.9”

  1. wow, great photos taken with this lens at your flickr site!
    I really love mine too, very much so! it seems to have those rich colors of the early, usually Auto Takumars.
    here also my question:
    You had loved your Auto Takumar f1.8/85mm, as I just read.
    How would you compare the two? According to Taunusreiter they are optically the same, it was the later S-M-C 1.8/85 which is different. Did you find a difference in rendering? I guess body must be more lovely that of the Auto Tak ;-) I love small lenses!

    thank you,
    best greetings,

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