Renewed Flickr account today

I renewed my Flickr account today to Pro. I use Flickr and Ipernity, so I use double webservice image storage/communities. I like Ipernity where also are a translator to my language, but many of my old images are linked from my websites to Flickr since I have used their pro-account for a few years. A later image is this leaf with drops, photographed with the lens Asahi Super-Takumar 85mm/1.9 on my Canon.

Bending leafs

4 Responses in “Renewed Flickr account today”

  1. Richard Nuttall says:

    Lovely image and that Takumar is superb too -the opposite in/out of focus on the leaf is very cool.

  2. jonas says:

    har funderat på att betala för pro på flickr… får se hur länge jag kan hålla mig under 200 bilder ;)

  3. Mattias says:

    Ja det är en anledning att betala :) Men annars finns ju Ipernity, som har generösare gränser.

  4. Mattias says:

    @Richard: Thanks, it was a day with hard light so I was glad to find something to photograph :)

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